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Commercial Institutions

We offer the maintenance you need for your space, from energy upgrades to facility renovations.

Preparing Commercial Facilities for the Future

TEKSOL has extensive experience addressing engineering and construction needs for various commercial facilities, including hospitals, universities, and hotels. Whether implementing security management systems, transitioning to alternative energy sources, or managing utilities, our experts will ensure your functional and business objectives are met.

We can transition your energy reliance from the local power grid to other energy sources such as solar panels and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants for a cleaner, more stable alternative. Hospitals with CHP plants can feel confident that their operations will not be interrupted with power outages, ensuring their patients stay safe and receive the care they need. We also manage utility operations including chilled water plants, steam units, and cooling water systems from master planning to construction.

TEKSOL develops solutions spanning from design to engineering and construction. We can implement building management systems, perform preventative maintenance for equipment, provide general contracting services, and much more. You can depend on us as a single-source service that delivers quality, on-time, and on-budget solutions that can meet needs at all stages of your commercial project.